X0 and nano bots 

I was walking the dog this morning on the sheet of ice that Davidson has become and I was marveling at my lack of foot prints. I wasn’t even cracking it. It was like I wasn’t there. It made me feel like I was doing it all wrong. Like I hadn’t really walked the dog. Then I came home and read an article on wired.com about how we are responsible for teaching children to build tech, to write code, to control their own output and I had an aha moment. As a momma and as a teacher I’m walking on a sheet of ice instead of hitting it with a hammer and making Dick and Jane put it back together again. We think it is enough to just use it in the classroom and to be honest, breath a big sigh of relief when any of it even works! We are a long way from construction and integration from the ground up but this is where my aha moment happened. These children are digital natives. This is their second language. We need to view it as such. The time and energy and money we devote to Spanish and Chinese and Baby Sign Language needs to be shared with XO dash dot and bit. The new lingua Franca gets automatic updates and we need to accept that. We need to prepare the young people by making places to fit the newly minted digitally native adults into their worlds. My Twitter notes and google sharing are “technology in the classroom”. That isn’t the same thing as practicing technology as a second language and teaching the ability to write it to do your bidding. The first wave of digital natives will graduate from college in a couple of years. Very few of them will become teachers but many of them will have required service hours when they are hired by large corporations.  Let’s make sure they end up where they are needed and kindergarteners are coding!

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