Good bye Old Grandpa

My mom said that Grandpa was the only person she ever knew that was a legend in their own time. That is the absolute truth and the first thought that springs to mind when you think of Grandpa usually sounds like a tall tale except for the part about it being true. Grandma said that when he was having the heart attack that killed him he asked her for an aspirin then got up and put his knife and his keys that have a mini tool on them in his pocket then laid down. A man always has to be ready for anything.  He lived and died by that motto. But what I keep thinking about is his way with children. He never lost his child like wonder with the world. His gruesome experiences in WWII and some tragic personal times over the last 95 years never jaded him. He maintained a joy and faith and love of all things big and small that was simple and astounding. If LieLie found the biggest worm in the bucket he was just as happy as he was when that worn caught the biggest fish. That worm was worth digging for, you wanted to make him proud, you wanted to hear him him him say “well, …….that is a fine worm.” He loved a well grown orange, a joke, a kind word, a little girl and big boy and a mighty adventure. Last night I heard a new story about him getting shot in the butt by the game warden on Cumberland Island.  The story wasn’t about the shooting but about what he said to the nurses at the hospital:)

We are camping in Grandpa’s yard, playing horse shoes, telling stories and watching the sunset on the river. He would have loved having this many of us together at once. Today we are going to bury him. Lunch at one church and the  funural at another to accommodate all of the love. Lielie is singing Amazing Grace during the service. I’m already crying. It is time for me to get up and put my knife and keys in my pocket and get ready for what comes. 


2 thoughts on “Good bye Old Grandpa”

  1. Sweet Jana! I’m so sorry for your loss. What an amazing man your grandpa is and what an amazing gift of memories he left for you all to pass on to future generations. Love you girlie!

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