Spring break 2016

We started the break sick, sick, sick. We were in the tail end of the flu and I honestly didn’t see how we were going to get ourselves through an airport and onto a plane but we did it. And it was beyond worth it. Lena is an amazing hostess and the SUN is my BFF. It is real live summer in Miami. None of this winter, summer, pollen mix nonsense. Then we drove back up with my parents in the RV. Camping in  high style along the way. By then everyone felt fabulous except for LieLie who is still napping a lot. But that might be because she is almost 13……Momo had the time of his life the entire trip. He loved it all. 

Breaks my heart to leave them. I wish Lena lived next door. So does Momo. He liked the good life. 

We are home now, feeling loved and restored and rejuvenated. Bring on the spring and all that will bloom and grow in this time. We are ready!


2 thoughts on “Spring break 2016”

  1. Oh my gosh, it does look AMAZING there!! I am longing to feel the sun on my skin and the sand and/or grass under my feet. And I want a doggie too. You all look sunkissed and rested, even with the flu. I will call you soon, I promise. hugs

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