Party in the USA

Lielie went to a party tonight at someone’s house. Parents were there along with the rest of the cast of the Lion King but it felt more like a PARTY than anything she had ever been to before. I wasn’t going, Finn wasn’t invited, people I didn’t know would be there and she was really fired up about it. She put on lip glass and I can’t say that I liked it. So when I dropped her off I realized that a new era had begun and I started to tear up a little. Then I looked at her humping it up the driveway with her allergy labeled crockpot and paper bag filled with gluten free/vegan snacks while kids jumped up and down in greeting instead of passing her a solo cup, I decided we were still ok and drove home happy.  

 #coolkidshavecrockpots #outragousmomlies #justthewayyouare



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