Dream a little dream

In my mind Finn still looks just like this

And Lielie sang this about a month ago, not an entire year ago. https://www.facebook.com/jana.steenhuyse/videos/10155448380375576.              

Time is slippery and craggy and often times a big  arse. We only get to remember the sharpest stabs and greatest joys and the rest just glides downs the brain drain. I know that it must be be so, that my cornflakes yesterday don’t matter! But I do wish I could remember what  it felt like to read with a clean kid in bed last night. He held my hand ,and that my friends, is the good stuff. But in a week I won’t remember that.

But that sweet baby face in that poorly crafted shirt and that proud child’s voice are burned in deep into my brain lobes- Where I keep the good stuff like my feelings for doughnuts and Momo. 

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