Weekend Update

Our friend Heidi is here so that makes everything fun. She’s the kind of company that if you decide that dinner = chicken soup, slurpies and popcorn because everyone has a sore throat will call around to see who has coke flavored slurpies while you look for your bra. 

I also got a trophy this weekend. Of my own. I think it might be my first ever. We used to get ribbons or pins to put on our varsity letter but trophies were for the team when I was a kid. Now they are for EVERYONE, even the coach. But Finn was proud and set our trophies at our places at breakfast this morning along with the napkins. 

Friday night we were hanging in our usual spot and I saw this! You can buy a friend a beer in the future by paying for it and then writing their name on the board. Then the next time they come in they can just point out their name and erase it instead of paying. Someone bought one for hometime hero Stephen Curry! It made me smile. 

The kids works on a service project at church this weekend with my parents and that made me smile the most. They took it very seriously and did a great job. 

And today the kids are playing board games with Heidi and I’m resting. It is pouring rain and all is well. 

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