What is up

I found this small missing dog, who is possible the world’s furriest Buddhist monk, under this very large blanket today. The dude needs a cozy place to nap, clearly. 

Lielie has discovered riding horses. She’s in love. Does anyone have a horse we can ride? We will be right over! She will brush and muck and haul water!

In sports news, we are rooting for Stephen Curry and D Wade and practicing our cool guy looks to go with our cool guy hand me down shirts from DanielšŸ¤“ Feel the Heat! 

4 thoughts on “What is up”

  1. LieLie should come to a week of horse camp in Ky with Marin at the end of May!! She’s super excited because she’ll get to ride twice a day – each morning and afternoon – and help take care of the horses in between! It’s a young girls dream so we hope it’ll be as fun as it sounds! šŸ“

  2. Ah, the classic pre-teen girl and horses phase! You should definitely send her to the camp in Ky. Finn looks so darned grown up!

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