Good times

This weekend has gone swimmingly! The pool opened at Gimmie’s! Grandaddy fired up the boat and I went to prom. Yep, the prom. I cannot tell you how proud of my students I am right now. They were such ladies and gentlemen. 550 kids in a room and no problems at all. They were all just lovely! The only problem all weekend was that somehow Momo escaped and got lost in a terrible storm. Luckily, our awesome neighbors rescued my baby from the mean streets of Davidson and kept him safe. Poor old  blind puppy, I really need that guy so he isn’t allowed to be lost. Plus I got an awesome, well paid writing gig so I’m very proud of myself. Not to mention  I’m going to have to feed Finn through the teenage years…..

1 thought on “Good times”

  1. Awesome news – Congrats on the paid writing gig and you looked like the prettiest princess at the prom!!!

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