Babies are coming to lots of Mommas in my life. One of my 44 year old true loves is having a baby girl! She was a big surprise with perfect chromosomes!! My friend Karen in Philly has adopted her first little beauty after she got all of the nieces and nephews grown. My baby sister is having twin girls. Two baby girls who will have blue eyes and look like Finn in a dress. These mommas are old and wise and have wrinkles and gray hairs to go with those babies. But today I walked a student to the nurse to pump milk after she took her tenth grade exams. She had a pump and ice packs and bottles and a plan. She was 15 at the most but she was a proud momma and resourceful and prepared. Good mommas come is all ages and shapes and sizes. They don’t all look like June Cleaver. I know I don’t. At this point in the school year I look like a raving maniac and so do my kids. 

They must also forage for their own food.

Two more weeks of school. We can do it! Yes we can!

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