Hail no!

This is the current situation in my bed, so if you are looking for a safe haven in the storm, keep looking. The inn is full. 

Earlier there was so much hail that you could have made frozen margaritas from the land. But instead of looking for tequila I was looking for Appie Cat. Who turned out to be in the house all along causing me to endure needless pelting. Do to my preoccupation I failed to photograph this insane storm myself, so here is my neighbors yard. 

The summer ice storm felled a tree which landed on the power line and caught fire. Flaming, smoking, electrocuting fire. Here are the kids watching it burn and waiting to see if the power line blows up. 

Five hours later we’ve finally got electricity again. My BFF’s got a couple of sanity restoring martinis down my throat and now all is well in the world once again.  

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