My baby girl is about to turn 13. Letting go of 12 in like letting go of the balloon string on purpose. I’ve spent 12 years clinging to that string for dear life with sweaty palms and fixed eyes, checking it for leaks and drying it when it rains. But now I have to let my balloon float away on her own. Even though I know she’s a puberty addled airhead who will get stuck in a tree. She might pop and choke an endangered turtle. Then she would be endangered EVEN MORE than the turtle and she would feel guilty and need therapy for YEARS. Turtle therapy is probably hard to find so we will need to relocate to one of four major cities. OMG. I’m clearly not ready for this letting go, growing up thing. Momma loves her baby! And I love turtles! 13! It is just all too much. But she’s a lovely, wonderful, kind, smart human and she deserves to fly!!!🎈🎈🎈

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