All of the wishing in the world can’t stop time. My baby is a real live teenager. 

Yesterday we had a PAR TAY!!!! It started in the pool at Gimmie and Grandaddy’s clubhouse and ended up with a full on disco. It was loud and rowdy and involved a giant swan as all good parties do. 13 is new and fresh and deserved to be kicked off with a snow cone fueled, bass thumpin’ extravaganza!  Because I’m not going to lie to you, her 12th year was a doozy. Her dad moved to France, she had mono, I went back to work full time and then some and she had to keep it all together, all. the. time. If it weren’t for my parents and Amy’s organic burritos she might still be 12 in fact since her growth might be stunted. But she resilient and brave and ready to face all of the things! All of them. Even the teenage years. 

Then today, the real deal. 13. 13!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “13”

  1. I suspect that for her the teenage years are going to be amazing! She has so many gifts-intelligence, beauty, humor, empathy-that she will navigate these rocky years with poise and purpose as will you, her very brave and loving momma! Hugs to you both (and of course Finn too!!)

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