Yesterday Finn and I were putting clean sheets on the beds and he said “if you were a biome, you would be an oasis. That’s what you are in my life.”  This really filled me with love since he was doing a chore when he said it and not trying to get ice cream. 

But now I see that he meant it literally not figuratively. 

Finn woke me up yelling for water. I yelled back to get it yourself. But to yell I had to wake up. I put him to bed with a water bottle to avoid this. Like I do every night. Then later he creeped into my bed, which of course, woke me up. Then he woke me up AGAIN scratching MY arm in his sleep. I guess he was dreaming of an itch and I had the nearest arm. So now I’m writing this at 5 am on my last day of summer instead of sleeping because the boy, two dogs and the cat have all taken refuge in the oasis. 

3 thoughts on “Motherhood”

  1. ha ha ha! But i still think you are lucky to be a mom, and they are oh so lucky to have you as theirs. Two dogs?

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