School has started

I love school. I walk in there and it smells like armpits and corn dogs and teenage tears and I think “wooooo weeeeee!!!! Let’s do this!!!!”  Teachers are my people and broken, crappy places where nothing works are my comfort zones. So as much as I hate back to school time I love my job. So here is a brief recap of the first two days:

Day 1: a kid threw up in my room, one was arrested for being drunk and having a bong in his back back and about 800 kids didn’t get picked up by the buses after school. Also, I dropped my phone while carrying all of the things a floating teacher carries and cracked its pretty little glass face. But I also helped crying lost people find their way and 800 people get home. 800. Seriously, if my kid got left at school someone better stay there. Forever, if need be. I don’t care if she is 17 and has a beard. 

Day 2: the bus delivered some children to the WRONG highschool. I. can’t. Even. So I served them breakfast corn dogs. I can’t make this stuff up people. Then the AC broke. It was 104 degrees in H hall but who is counting?! I also made my favorite nerd herd sit with a new girl and I felt like a fairy godmother when they told me she “was lit”.  More stuff happened but I’m tired and dehydrated and I’m going to bed!!!

In other news Finn also started school and he is reporting that his teacher is “overly authoritative” and “the worksheets are identical to last year so that must be from the same series.” Sounds good to me! 


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