Tis the season

It is soccer season ya’ll! And lacrosse but I have no pictures because I was napping and Gimmie and Grandaddy took Lielie because they love me. 

And pokemon’s live in my house and they get lonely so Finn draws them wives and kids…..

And we got super cool goodies from Evelyne, Clara and Clotile after they visited the Furutoscope!

I’m back in bed and poor LieLie is finishing her science project on the oyster all alone. There are things I can not do and science “projects” and math homework with my mini me are at the top of that list. She had to make or use recycled materials for all of it. When she said the words “I have to make my own play dough to sculpt my diarama” I was out. 

Thank goodness for Wendy Parker and the Internet! She can visit any time!

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