Proof of life post!

Lawdy me we are busy! The only reason I have time to write this is because I’m giving a midterm and the school computers are down so I can’t do any actual work. Teaching social studies during this election alone is giving me more gray hair than my own teenager.  Here is an example:

Student A: Ms. S, if Trump gets elected could they impeach him right away?

Student B: you don’t throw peaches at people you idiot, you throw tomatos. 

Student A: you are the idiot, I said impeach not peach, you $&@@@!! 

Student B: well he looks like a peach

Lord help me. That conversation happened before 7am, I started mainlining my coffee at that point.

Another day I walked in feeling pretty cool because it was “decade day” and I’d tried to dress like I was in Nirvana in 1991 and a student asked “are you dressed up like Old Yeller’s mom?”  That was the day I became middle aged folks. Mark your calendars class of 90 friends. We are REALLY old. 

In the good news category soccer and lacrosse have gone well and wrap up this weekend. The Finnster turned 8 this month and he’s growing like a weed. Wrestling starts today and karate rolls on. Halloween season is upon us and we’ve seen some dear friends thanks to evacuations and Zika lately. Silver linings!

 In the bad news category my Uncle Wayne died and a hurricane wiped out my childhood home. The clan gathered for the funeral and we passed thru a sea of fallen trees to get there. Mom did a REALLY good job conducting the funeral and LieLie sang. Old Grandma got handed her second flag in 9 months. Terrible. Wayne was quiet and always slipped in a little late. I kept looking around, waiting for him to show up at his own funural because he always showed up. Always. 😢

Here are a month’s worth of photos in no particular order and with no explanation whatsoever. 

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