A week or so

So this is happening right now

El Nacho Libre LOVES to wrestle. He’s currently clocking four hours a week on the mats. He loves it like I love coffee and Momo and not waking up early. Which by the way, let’s talk about day light savings time. It is not my BFF. Ben Franklin wanting to save candles makes him an ahole in my book. We don’t use candles unimpressed America. Let’s move on. It was so dark at six pm that Lielie was saying “it looks like midnight” in a British accent and plotting everyone’s time with the lighbox. Family time with the full spectrum. 

In other news LL was 11 from Stranger Things for Halloween. Because she’s great. And bloody. 

1 thought on “A week or so”

  1. That show was great! Thanks to you and Lielie I watched it. I never would have thought it would be good on my own.

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