Good boy

Finn got up in the dark, wrapped the gifts he bought with his own money, dragged in the tree stand, and set up Christmas. Oh my heart❤️, gifts around the tree, all by himself. 

So of course I had to get the boy a tree. Right then. A big one. Any tree you want!!! We can put the furniture in storage for a while in our tiny house and just live in the tree like birds. It will be great. Mommy loves you. 

So I said “get dressed up, maybe we will take our Christmas card picture getting a tree”. 

This is NOT what I meant. 

Thanks to girl power, Fergulicious- the tree, is standing straight and tall and giant in the living room, waiting to be decorated today. Only one piece of furniture had to go to storage😊🎅🏽. 

Hearts are healing at our house. We are going to make it through the first holiday season as a party of three, standing tall, just like the tree. There will even be glitter and lights and free of everything cookies burning in the oven with carob eyes! Amen

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