Looking festive!!

Lielie put her snowman on the table to “lord over” Finn’s snowman ⛄️☃️🔨! Imagine that. She also turned her Santa hat inside out to hide the monogram! But she’s otherwise a truly delightful 13 year old so I don’t think Kiki the elf is going to make any naughty reports about her. YET! He’s watching you Coralie Elise!! Special thanks to Gimmie and Grandaddy for doing Santa duty tonight since I don’t feel very well. Santa is arriving in town on his antique fire truck. Let’s hope it goes better than that one year that it broke down, no reindeer in sight and we had to go push his chunky self, truck and all down Main Street to the library. #smalltownproblems

Best dressed student of the week goes to this guy

14 school days until break. I can do it! You know why?

Plus I totally need to earn money to buy myself that Yeti sweatshirt. 

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