From Lielie

An open letter to 2016
Dear, 2016 
You sucked and I think the whole world can agree. But something else we can agree on is that 2016 was beautiful. I am writing this letter to the world, as a way to remember all of the wonderful and terrible things you’ve brought upon me. In 2016 people were blown up, shot and killed. In 2016 Zika was introduced and mothers were told that their babies could be born with microcephaly. In 2016 we had the most interesting olympics, bringing the final five to victory and Micheal Phelps his 28th medal. 2016 brought new technology, fashion and economics. People found out who they were, even though they stumbled along the way. I fell and I fell hard, but I got up stronger than I knew was possible. In 2016 I lost so many people and it left me broken. But so many other people pieced me back together with more glue than people use in slime. 2016 gave me Cam Newton! On April 23 I had the best day of my life. After karate belt tests, and hearing some bands I accidentally I went on GMA. I was interviewed and shown on TV! In 2016 I have made some of the best friends I have ever had, I found love in a hate filled world. But the thing I learned most was that I could find the good in everything. As a final note: 2016 you weren’t all that bad, and I want to thank you for making me a better person. 
Happy New Years, h 

Coralie Steenhuyse
PS The only thing I don’t get is electing an oompa loompa for president, I mean you can do Better than that right? No? Okay then.

1 thought on “From Lielie”

  1. That’s a beautiful letter Lielie, I can’t wait to read your books someday soon.Wishing you a happy, safe and love-filled 2017.

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