The glitter on top

Some days it feels like Rome is burning and teaching highschool to my crew is like watching it burn while playing my fiddle. It’s really more like drinking a forty on the corner with a boom box on my shoulder while it burns since no one fiddles during fires anymore but you catch my drift. I feel like I’m pretty useless most of the time.  But then LieLie gets in the car, decides the dog looks cold and immediately removes her jacket and wraps him up and I know I must be doing something right. She’d rather be cold then let an animal suffer. 

She’s pretty on the outside, too. 

This guy is also pretty, and clean even, when he is asleep!

He’s taken up bowling with my dad. He’s strangely good at it despite his unique form. 

I’m not good at bowling or photography but here’s attempt #567798 at a picture of both kids together looking sane. 

But I love them just as they are. 

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