The weekend

Lots of things happening around here! Lielie did a wonderful job in her dance recital. All of the numbers were based on video games. She participated in PacMan and Mario Bros but she choreographed the fight scenes in Mortal Combat and some others. The karate skills came in handy on the dance floor sooner than I thought they would. 

She always looks so happy onstage. Three more weeks until the middle school musical so she is still in nonstop rehearsals but at least one show is in the bag. Tonight is her Cotillion Formal. She’s wearing a dress I wore in the 90’s. If only Kara or Ruby, or anyone really, was here to do here hair and make up!! Hopefully she lets me take her picture. No one likes their picture made these days. 

Finn is enjoying spring in February. Me, too, actually. I love the bright sun and flowers everywhere. Last year we were covered in snow this week. 

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