The Ball

Tonight was the cotillion masquerade ball. They learned to dance the tango. Since all of the boys are shorter than them in their high heels, all of the dancing is hilarious every week. Everything is hilarious in the 8th grade anyway. But all was lost when Miss Shippie, cotillion instructor and dog mother to three schnauzers named Marlie, Mary Kate and MCKenzie, executed a tango maneuver that ended with her slapping herself on the rump.  By the time she said “don’t scooch girls” LieLie said they were about to snort the generic sprite they serve at the Trump Country Club Ballroom out of their noses they were laughing so hard. I asked her how she knew the soda was an offbrand and she said “they pour it out of two liter bottles that say limon lime soda”.  Oh. Then they hand you a monogrammed cocktail napkin. But she was gorgeous and she had fun and now girlfriend can TANGO! 

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