How in tarnation is it March?! I swear it was Christmas last week. Two weeks ago tops. Finn is still on antibiotics and will remain so until his tonsils come out in a few weeks. As you can see, when you add chlorine, he’s the very picture of health. 

He’s taken very good care of Uncle Cash the dog, however. They like eating, sleeping and watching Harry Potter together. What’s not to love. 

I tried to take a picture of me and mini me like a cool internet selfie person in a mirror but I look like I have elf ears and she looks like she’s trying not to laugh at me…So that didn’t really work out. This is like a human Pinterest fail. #nottwinning #oneofusisold

Speaking of twins, it was twin day at school. Finn decided to be twins with an entire branch of the military instead of one other kid. I couldn’t argue with his logic.

Lielie and crew honored veterans with an art installation at the veterans museum and joined them for their Saturday jam session. The were interviewed about it for the paper and invited back to jam again next weekend. It was a moving and exceptionally fun day. One of the guys there was 100 years old and stormed the beaches at Normandy. 

My baby nieces are six months old!!! 

I want to buy them two ponies and Disney World and a unicorn!!!

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