This brave fella had his tonsils out today. That is a very, very good thing. When we drove up to the hospital there was a skunk spraying the parking lot. We decided that we liked that skunk more than Finn’s tonsils. What does that tell you? Now he’s on the popcyicle and sushi diet. Something tells me he will live. 

This girl is opening her spring musical tomorrow. She’s a trooper, too. For soooo many reasons. Mostly because she does what she’s suppose to do, even while recovering from the flu and her mother is ignoring her because of tonsils and what not. She never lets them see her sweat. Who ever “they” are, they should know that sweating is normal and back off!!!! Just sayin’, but she’s my star no matter what she does. She just happens be a real star with her name in lights right now. Here is her head shot. 

Thank you village for everything this week. Lesson plans and food and rides and love. Thanks for being there mom and dad. 

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