So tired

This is what 8 shows in four days and tonsil pain looks like with no filter. 

My babies are tired. Lielie has been having the time of her life and wished it would never end. She’s happy surrounded by friends and up on stage. Even though it wore her out. She even got a prestigious paper plate award. 😉

Finn on the other hand texts me things like “please nuke me or give me drugs!!!!!!”  every few hours when the pain killers wear off. Bless his little, dramatic heart, the first four days were not easy. Today the worm seemed to turn and he ate a little and talked a little more. He’s been brave but this has been a rougher recovery than we anticipated. 

I may or may not have cut Finn and the dog’s bangs with the same scissors before bedtime since neither of them could see…..I may or may not have given them both an accidental mullet. Finn pointed out that the dog is blind but he isn’t……

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