Leaving a trail of glitter 

Miss Coralie Elise has now attended her first real ball!! Due to hereditary issues she shed glitter everywhere she went, took off her shoes and had to wear shorts under her dress but she started out the evening more beautiful than Cinderella!!! She was so excited about the whole thing that I feared it would end in the disappointment of boys and girls clustered against sweaty walls with lousy punch, not dancing and talking about Russia, Kardashians and internet memes!!!! But no! There was dancing in mosh pits and waltzing ala Miss Shippy of cotillion fame! Both of which my child can do in sensible heels thanks to my excellent parenting (remember that when I fail in 3456 other ways OK, LieLie?) Our friend Vern was the DJ and he’s also a police man and he also keeps a very close eye on LieLie so I basically had an armed on site babysitter and spy so I had no worries at all!!! But the best, best part of it all was how happy she was in her ball gown and on her big adventure with her friends. A million thanks to Gimmie for the shopping trips for the cat ears and glitter dress and perfect shoes and perfect jewels. Gimmie is so good and patient at that and I’m so……not. So thank you from me, too. It was so much better than expected, a night to remember! 

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