2 weeks

Alas, spring break has come and gone. It was lovely. My sister came with her twin babies. They are bundles of joy in every way shape and form. Plus Spring! Everyone coughed their heads off in a cloud of pollen. It was hot and cold and hot and cold like only NC in the spring can be. And then I blinked a red, allergy eye and we were back to school and soccer and karate and test prep and dog shots and tire rotation and this beautiful hectic thing called life. There is never enough time for everything and yet nothing I’m willing to give up. I want time to stop so that I can mother my chicks in the nest for a few more decades. Lielie is gone in four tiny years and every milestone brings that closer. Today she earned her second degree black belt in karate. She got her first black belt three years ago and what a difference those years have made. 

Seriously!! Look at that! Three years ago she was a little girl. My heart can’t take it!!! But I’m so proud of her and she can beat you up so there is that. 

Spring Break 2017 in a brief photo stream 

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