Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday was a very long day so it is May 6th. I know. Get over it. You are lucky it isn’t July considering the fact that I teach school and it is MAY. So I was giving a test yesterday on the Mexican American War, the Treaty of Guadeloupe and I dressed like Frida Kahlo, none of which has anything to do with 5/5, but I had the spirit!! I was also running a Cinco Salon for all the kids who wanted Frida hair thanks to the Dollar Store and the talented Beauty School students in my classes. They do not mess around. This is my hair FIFTEEN hours after they did it. I taught all day, experienced a long fire event, evacuation/drama during school, was in a thunderstorm, saw a movie, went to dinner, walked the dog and put Finn to bed and nothing moved. 

I did nearly have a heart attack when I went to walk the dog

But my little Fridas were delightful to behold. I leaned a long time ago that kids will learn anything while getting their hair done since they can’t move… plus the blood and guts message that you too can be impaled and broken and rise and make something amazing from your life goes over well after a test. Especially the part about getting a pet monkey being an actual thing. 

And we saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with friends and grandparents!!! Loved it!!!!! But sadly we lost Finn there. 

Then Lielie pried the flowers from my head and the braids made us hair twins except I’m old. #nofilter because I’m too old to know how to get one on there. 

And as a sidenote. My students don’t know where meat comes from but they know a lot about music and they might use it to save the Earth someday so there is that. 

3 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo”

  1. You make me smile!!! You and LL as hair twins are beautiful but I hope you sat on the back row during the movie so no one had to look around/through your flower fro!!! 😘

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