All dressed up

So we were shopping for hiking boots and Finn spots this

With stars in his eyes he says “Mommy, do you think we could buy it and save it for me to grow into? It would be so perfect for my cotillion. All the ladies would want to do the waltzing with me.”

I agreed to photograph it so that we could locate it online when he is able to shop in the men’s department. It was an excellent deal at 99 dollars. Just sayin. Plus ladies love the walzing. I know I do. For the record, he didn’t get anything in any color since he hasn’t cleaned his room since Jesus was a baby and I’m tired of suffering from lego-foot disease. 

His sister on the otherhard has three new outfits to gussy up for a variety of 8th grade end of year activities. She even has some new nude lipstick and clear mascara. Things I don’t understand but approve of for fresh faced young ladies. So last night I’m chaperoning the prom and she was home getting dressed for an end of year party she has been excited about for weeks. So I say -text me a picture! And I get this

She’s wearing her cousin Daniel’s hand me down Tshirt and cut offs. I love her. Go and be you child of mine. I probably would have worn a tutu. 

Then I went to my dearest friend Annie’s birthday in which I only got the one awful photo

And that stinks because the pack was gathered to salute how well she aging and how often she waves her hand dismissively at the rest of us and says “it will be fine.” And it is. Because her kid is the oldest and so it was already fine at her house and she KNOWS. 

And then I went to the prom in Gimmies dress until I turned into a pumpkin and it was hot and loud and I loved seeing the kids be beautiful. 

4 thoughts on “All dressed up”

  1. I might be your second biggest fan! I could fight Nancy if needed for biggest fan but I am a lover not a fighter ☺️

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