Guest Blogger

Dear Appie Cat,
You are my best friend, I love you even more than words can say. Even though you are a cat, and since you are a cat you cannot read this, but I wanted to write something about you, so when you are gone I can remember you. Appie, you are worst shedder in the entire world. Your orange hair sticks like glue to my mostly black wardrobe, and often makes me look like a muppet when I try and get dressed. You also like to murder small mammals and bring them to us at 3am. But those are really the only bad things that I can think of, and you even bring us these mauled things out of love. You’re hair all over everything shows how much you snuggle us, and gives us a rather unique appearance. When I don’t feel good you appear literally everywhere I go, and keep me close. When I’m nervous or scared, you always comfort me and make me feel safe. I always know that I’m not alone when I hear your train engine purr or that I know I’m sleeping soundly when you make yourself into a scarf on my neck. You are even asleep on my lap as I write this. It always breaks my heart when it becomes hard for you to breathe (stupid cat asthma). So even though you are a cat and can’t read, I hope you’ll appreciate this. Oh and, I attached some *lovely* photos of us. 

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