Sunday on Ice

So we tried to go swimming but I’m pretty sure the kids had ice in their hair

And I was wearing SWEATPANTS and a JACKET over my swimsuit because I’m a wimp and you know that is a great look poolside and I like to look runway ready at all times. Note that no one else is in the pool or the lake. Not even a Canadian Goose. 

Then it started to rain and everyone was cold when we went in the pharmacy, even Momo, so he had to wear Finn’s hoody. 

Yesterday, when I was at a party, this woman came up to me and said I looked familiar. I said I was Momo’s mom and she got all happy. She’s my bank manager and the bank employees babysit Momo while I grocery shop since he isn’t allowed in the grocery store (can you believe that!) He hangs out behind the desk and they feed him treats. When we go for walks he’s always trying to go to the bank. He’s a charming, tho grumpy, old man if there are treats involved. 

And my big, lovely child went to her last middle school youth group. She’s now in high school in the church’s eyes. In my eyes she’s 12 months old and reaching up to me with fat starfish hands and smiling like she’s seen shore from rough seas. Because when I could see myself in her eyes for the first time, I could see myself in God’s eyes more clearly and I could see that my definition of home would never be the same again. 

We got this picture made in the church photo booth. I’m wearing my new white jeans. Pretend you can see how in fashion I am. Also, pretend Finn’s hair is both dry and combed. While you are at it pretend I’m wearing make-up and got Botox and highlights. Thank you. 

Look at my nieces. Just look at them❤️❤️

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