Oh dear

I was talking about the Netherlands in class and a teenager said “that’s a real place? I thought it was Michael Jackson’s made up country.” Then another student said “it is the country where they grow the weed.” Then he high fived his friend. These guys will take a standardized test under my name next week and it will be used to rate my job performance. 25% of that class has missed more than 30 days this semester and nearly all of them have missed more than 12. Something tells me they might not have a solid grasp on the Articles of the Constitution, the GDP and the like…..I can honestly say I’ve done my best despite the vermin, bugs, leaks and mold. But say a little prayer for us. We are going to need extra grace June 2-8. The struggle is real. I want them to pass so much that my heart hurts. I don’t want them to drop out of school because of tests that they don’t have the cultural currency to pass. 

3 thoughts on “Oh dear”

  1. It’s just so sad. And unfair.
    No matter what, you will have been a positive influence in their lives.

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