This guy

Finns day: He caught the toaster oven on fire at 5:30 am. Took his first standardized test like a boss. Built a giant Lego set unaided and barfed on my bed from a migraine. But I love him with all of my parts despite the trail of destruction he sometimes leaves behind. I love to watch him carry giant laundry baskets down the stairs and water his plants and cook his breakfast and pack his lunch.  I like to watch him go about his daily routines like a little version of the man he will become. He is so very capable in so many ways. And he’s so very little. One day I will look back on today and think My God! No wonder he caught the toaster on fire! Who lets an 8 year old bake things from scratch!?I do. It’s me. For better or for worse you have to carry your own weight around here and he does a fine job with his 75 pounds! Carry on boy. Carry on. 

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