I was trying really hard to make a proper omelet today. But when I folded it over bad things happened (shocker). I expressed my disappointment but LieLie said not to worry, it’s the inside that counts. Finn said “it’s just like us, lovely on the inside but fat, burnt and ugly on the outside.”  OMG!

Then we went to get haircuts and looked a lot better on the outside. Finn negotiated a pink stripe in exchange for mullet removal. LieLie’s highlights and eyelashes are all natural. They cast a shadow on her face! 

Then we watched The Fault in Their Stars. My goodness that movie is sad. Even when you’ve read the book and you KNOW! Just skip that one mothers. 

5 thoughts on “Inside/outside”

  1. I’ve never seen (or heard of) the fault in OUR stars, except for the Shakespeare. But, those are two precious photos of your wonderful children. May they continue to show your love for them in their faces, and to bring you joy.

      1. Time to stop calling me “doctor’, my dear friend. My certain age has become less certain and I no longer fix broken bones. Boys w/pink hair, though, are now a small part of my universe of experience. And your boy looks great, though I might like him even better if his hair were green A avorite color.

      2. Pink looks better with baby blue seersucker, as you should know! There are no edits or spelling corrections allowed on the blog. That’s why I only write it on my phone and on the go! So forget all the fs you want. This is an f free zone or a drop the fs all you want zone, as you wish!

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