Coralie Elise – Freshman!

Introducing my very own member of the class of 2021!! 

This girl has amazing friends, perfect grades, the voice of a soul sister and a quick smile that she shares with all God’s creatures, even snails. She’s ready for highschool despite not being very tall. I know it, at least my brain knows it, but it is still bittersweet. She will always be my baby. I love her so very, very much. 

This is what her teachers had to say about her during the ceremony

Last week the whole 8th grade went camping in the pouring rain to an adventure climbing ropes/wall course place in the mountains for a few days. Lielie is afraid of heights. She had no intention of climbing anything at all. Ever. She’s been on trips like that before and she stayed on belay, on the ground, on safety patrol for the others. But this time she took a giant leap of faith, in the rain, with her people belaying her. There was magic. 

Here is what she had to say about it on her instagram:

“Kanuga is a wonderful place, and I hope that some day I’ll be able to come back. But for now I have some really good memories. Even through the pouring rain and puddles, we had a blast. There’s just something special about being in the mountains, especially with people you hold dear. I faced some real fears while I was there and that isn’t something I’ll soon forget. We had so many jokes, I met my new best friend Grandpa Nate. I crashed a tomato wedding, I had the best cabin and absolutely the greatest table, but most importantly I found experiences in middle school that’ll be treasured forever. 🌲”

But that is so last week because she’s not in middle school anymore. She is in HIGH SCHOOL

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