Day 1 of summer ’17

I’m not out of school but the kids are so I’m pretending. I started my day with some paddle board yoga. Apparently it is a sport mostly for people who look really good in the Athleta bathing suit collection from spring 2017. But I’m apparently braver than those skinny bit$&@es because when she said it was time to do our inversion pose I was the only one who did a headstand. I was also the only one to fall in the lake….when it was all over and I had actually done a headstand on a moving object, I was so proud of myself that I forgot where I was and stood right up like I was in a desert. Not a desert. The screaming/evacuating flock of geese were a tiny clue. Then there was a pool trip and groceries and Captain  Underpants with the real Harold and George! The movie was the equivalent of the Rocky Horror picture show for the elementary boy set. They knew every word and shouted along. I guess Finn isn’t the only one who has reread those novels 100 times. Well done Captain!

Thank goodness the theater is also a taphouse.

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