Tomorrow is graduation. I will be so very proud of some of those kids on that stage. I’m planning ahead for “the ugly cry”. Some are truly gifted students and graduating from our IB program and going off to top notch schools to save the world. Some of them have babies, work full time, take care of their grandparents or go hungry at night and on weekends. Many of them are foster kids and the only people that will be there cheering for them are the teachers. But for one afternoon they are all equal. Dressed in the same robes and hats and crossing the same stage and feeling the same pride. I’m ready to feel the love because it has been a tough school year in many ways but we got there in the end. 

But for tonight more babies!!! Fat babies make everything better. They really like Bad Lip Reading videos and interpretive dance so they fit right in with Finn and LieLie. However they may learn some bad things. I heard Finn playing patty cake and when he ran out of words that he knew he improvised with the same beat and ” bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when then they come for you…” #soulcousins

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