I got .org

Well I’m divorced. If you didn’t notice my name change and my reduced family size in the holiday card or the photos of my children sitting in circles in plastic chairs in church basements, I will help you out with that blunt statement. I also have a lot to say about a lot of things. If you missed my #redfored media explosion check out Jana Elise Johnson on FB. Yes, I’m that teacher with roaches and rats. It is all true. But more notably, in my mental space, I filled up my blog and had to get a .org domain. I didn’t know that was possible but it is. WordPress isn’t like the internet, there are parameters and rules and some kind of fine print I never read. Now I have to pay cash money for the right to write utter nonsense when I should be mowing the grass or grading papers or joining Pinterest so my kids don’t look like asshats at the teacher appreciation day. But four dollars a month is cheaper than therapy so I’m ok with it. What took me 12 months to accept about .org is that now I must allow advertising. If I even think about getting glitter Birkenstocks an add pops up on my Facebook page and the ones I’m wearing suddenly look extra shabby. I just know that my blog is going to get really shameful ads like “how to cook turtle if you are a cannibal” because I was thinking about what it would mean if I ate the turtle that ate David Sedaris. He was in town last night reading from his new book and talking about his sister that committed suicide. I wanted to pat him and tell him that is ok to let people go who truly want to be gone. I know that to be true. I accept it because of circles in church basements. But Coralie who had befriended him early in the day, took a different approach. She invited him to breakfast. You make friends and have them over. It’s simple. Finn pointed out that we had a half built chicken coop in the yard, exactly one waffle in the fridge and I would be at work. Coralie said “he won’t mind, he’s our people”. He had a plane to catch so he had to get his own waffle but it made me remember the power of the word and the power of all my people who have helped me sit in a circle and not fall down and get to this place of .org. Getting divorced has taken a village and a fierce willingness to be eaten by a reptile in public while strangers advertise “how not to loose your shit while a reptile eats you” in a sidebar of your life. So thank you village. Thank you advertisers. Thank you reptiles. Thank you everyone but Pinterest. I’m a teacher and no one appreciates me so craft websites be damned. I’m done with DIY and making do and getting paid for overtime in homemade coupons from admin. In fact, I hereby declare September 4th National Red for Ed Day. The day where every teacher in America speaks their truth and says what they need on the same day before we vote in November. Spread the word!

3 thoughts on “I got .org”

  1. I hadn’t received a notice about a blog post in forever so I’m glad to see you’re back at it, .org and all! 😊
    Sending love from my big ol’ Red for Ed heart! ❤️

  2. I’m always happy to read your blog. It’s fun to see what’s rattling around in other people’s brains, especially when they can actually capture some of it in writing. I’m sorry you had to go through a divorce. Really proud of your continued advocating for education and thanks for sharing with all of us so we can try and do something about it, too.

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