Summer has begun

My last week can be illustrated by this true tale. I’m driving down the road and see a bright blue shoe in the ditch. I’m fascinated by shoes in weird places. There are never two of them and it’s hard to imagine someone someone gleefully chucking just one shoe out a window on the way home from the peg leg store. Don’t this this ONE shoe anymore, see ya! Pirates never exhibit glee or drive cars, come to think of it. But this shoe was my son’s shoe. He can’t drive or even walk that far from home alone to throw his shoe in a ditch without adult supervision. As his card carrying adult I would have said Oh Hell No if he had tried! So I stop and pick it up and bring it home. Then I pick Finn up and I say “any idea how your shoe ended up in the ditch by the lumber yard?” He thinks about it and says “maybe it was on the roof of your car when you left for work and it fell off when you drove by this morning.” Ok. So I ask the next logical thing having to do with why on God’s green Earth would he put one shoe on my precious Subaru, etc. He says “I didn’t put it on your car I threw it into a tree, it must have fallen out.” So I asked “why did you throw your shoe in a tree?” Then Finn said “I was trying to get my goggles down.” Me, sighing with regret that I ever looked in the lumber ditch “where is your other shoe?” Finn “still in the tree.”

Exhibit A

Half my life is still in the tree but things are moving along! Finn thought I was attending a Harry Potter party but I actually graduated my peeps. There were some precious young adults going across that stage today❤️

Swimming is in full swing, the veggies are growing despite the neglect, and we have discovered an arcade that lets you play free for the price of a pint!!!!

If you have been following the #redfored mashup on Facebook please know that all is well. A woman who represents an association of teachers used my name and pretended to represent me this week on TV in a bid for publicity. The good news is that means the work I’m doing has traction and people are noticing. The bad news is there are assholes everywhere trying to promote their own agenda thru any means possible. The news removed the story and video clip and showed and printed a retraction/apology yesterday. Shame on them for not fact checking, especially since they know my number! But good for them for making it right.

9/4/18 National Red for Ed Day! Spread the word!

I have made it to the summer! Praise!

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