One foot forward

We are still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

While we wait, we are moving right along with summer activities. Many of these activities involve swimming and exclaiming IT IS SO HOT! We all say that to each other like the other person simultaneously getting heat stroke is going to be shocked by the news.

PSA: Ethiopian pancakes are gluten free. You want Finn to eat a vegetable? Take him out for African food or deep fry it. These are pretty much your only options besides cash or duress.

And more scenes from the past few days

We accidentally went to a full service gas station. The kids were amazed! It was like seeing a pay phone. Lielie is doing her farm internship. Swim team is trucking along. Finn taught himself to cook mushrooms and gravy. He made meat and broccoli to go with that and didn’t even need to wear a shirt, much less an apron. Plus we saw some really funny signs, at least to us, but we are notoriously easy to entertain. Good luck with your week people. If anyone knows why all digital calendars have the 19th marked as a holiday please leave a comment.

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