An acorn

You know how sometimes even a blind hog finds an acorn? That’s how I feel when the Waze App leads me home thru the forest and around an Amish farm to get home because the traffic is so bad on the highway. I know there will be no gas, no bathrooms and no clues to where I am the whole way but there will be ACORNS!!!

Here are the acorns from what could have been 38 miles of highway but was not.

We stopped to pet a chicken

We ate at a diner that was so crowded that there were no seats so a giant young man named Tim said we could sit with him and then he never said another word. Finn got a foot long hotdog and was sooo excited about it he didn’t want to eat it. It reminded LieLie of when she ordered a foot long hotdog on the Eiffel Tower. It came in a baguette. She loved that thing and could have cared less she was on a world class monument made of steel and turn of the century ingenuity. Right after she got it someone made a bomb threat and I had to carry Finn, his umbrella stroller and who knows what else down the entire tower because they turned off the elevators. I’m trying not to panic and be a Sherpa and LieLie just strolled and ate that hotdog. It took her all day. When she went back to school right after that she had to answer the question “what did you do this summer”. She wrote “watch TV”. I remember thinking damn, she could have at least brought up the hotdog! Tim ran away because we laughed too much but another random diner neighbor must of liked the story because he bought our lunch.

Then we saw a hut and couldn’t pass that by without a gander and ended up hanging out with Mr. Yoder at the Amish store.

Then last but not least we saw a place covered in Hex symbols and selling tomato plants so we couldn’t not go there. It turns out that the owner teaches people to paint their own so we will be learning and Finn’s coop will be hex free soon enough. They also have bluegrass on Sunday nights and ice cream and I didn’t realize it at the time because I was totally lost but I had gotten rather close to home by then. So if anyone wants to paint a square with us let me know. There might be banjos and ice cream. I’ll drive. I left a trail of acorns.

2 thoughts on “An acorn”

  1. Wait…is there a “Yoder’s” near you? The only one I know of is outside Charlottesville, VA and it is FABULOUS!! Remind me and I’ll tell you my “Yoder’s story” one day…I LOVE that place!! ❤ Happy Summer!! ❤

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