I’m 46

If you’ve ever met me then you probable know that my birthday causes me to have an epic MELTDOWN. All of the things that I didn’t finish, accomplish, gain, loose, etc suddenly become outrageously important in my mental space in the days leading up to my birthday. Ex: I’m still not able to do pigeon on a paddle board and I haven’t cleaned out the junk drawer in 14 years. It matters TODAY because I’m still 45 ahhhhhh( insert head spin). The week is frantic, there are tears and I become the three legged gazelle the herd is leaving behind. You can’t tell me otherwise. I KNOW it to be true. No gazelle has ever had a less finished Phd or a messier closet in the entire history of savannas. I’m going to die of old age incomplete. I’m being left behind right now. Let’s panic. That makes everyone around us feel safe and calm. Right?!

But one day it is finally June 27th and it’s over. This morning I woke up aged 46 to a little surprise party and a wise nine year old showed me his praise hands 🙌🏼 and said “we made it”. Everyone can relax again. They don’t have to worry about my unfinished novel for 360 more days.

In other news summer swim season is over. I love the sounds and the smells and the repetition of swimming. You know where you will be every single day and that the wet laundry pile will never get any smaller and that the goggles will come and go from lost and found like it’s their job. Chlorine equals clean so boys don’t need baths and there are coaches helping you make your babies better humans.

Lielie sang this week for sweet Sophia. Lift her up in your prayers. They’ve sent her to Boston for treatment so she’s far from home. ❤️

And last but not least Grandaddy and I had a Pho real great birthday!

3 thoughts on “I’m 46”

  1. Many happy returns of the day, Jana. I share Nancy’s feelings. You have always been and will continue to be a beautiful person.

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