My precious girl is 15. I’ve been parenting for 15 years. It has been painfully simple to do because I want to do it so very much. That doesn’t mean I’m good at it. I just hope that my successes outweigh the parenting fails by at least one and tip the scale in my favor every day. A for effort sort of thing because I try so hard. I really do.

She was born with her eyes wide open, straining to see what was happening, literally on her way into the world. Then she crashed. Weeks of beeping and poking and praying for God’s mercy in the NICU. Then months of watching her breath. Willing her chest to rise and fall every single minute, night and day until I was so sleep deprived I had to learn to trust again.

Then all of the wonderful years of getting to be her mom. I’ve gotten to watch her grow into a resilient young woman, tough as nails, brilliant and compassionate, scientifically minded and so creative all at once. She’s my best daughter ever😍

I don’t know what the future holds for her. I just know I have three more years where I can go in and check on her when she’s asleep. I can still make her put on sunscreen and eat her spinach. I will do my best to do it right ever day. So help me God, the library and the internet. Amen.

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