15th Birthday Party

Months ago I saw a Groupon for concert tickets for Weezer and the Pixies the week of LieLie’s birthday. So I called up her BFF’s mom because her daughter’s birthday is the same week and we cooked up a plan! Tailgate supper and cupcakes and then rocking the night away! We thought we would be the coolest moms ever, just like Buddy Holly! Weezer is huge with this crowd! So months go by and the time comes and we organize our gluten, egg, dairy, nut free, vegetarian tailgate party with cupcakes made of air to accommodate everyone and some diet Snapple and we are jazzed!!!!! Then we explain the plan to the kids. Lielie looks at me like I’m a two headed cow and says “don’t you think we should picnic before we get there someplace nice or eat at home? It seems really dirty to eat in a PARKING LOT. ” I try to explain tailgating. She is having none of it. I’m laughing hysterically. So we get there and all of the kids are completely confused! “Why are we putting our chairs here? This is a PARKING LOT?! Is this safe? Where is the bathroom? I need to wash my hands.” I was dying. But the concert was great and the kids loved the music despite the mud and the rowdy crowd. Weezer puts on a great show.

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