Girls Trip!

Finn went to the Outer Banks with my parents for a week but LieLie had to finish driving school so we stayed put. Bless it. In NC getting a learners permit is like getting vetted to join the CIA or something. If you can stick it out for the 42 hours of hell and pass two test then you are in! By then you need reprogramming and you’ve taken up smoking and playing mahjong for money, but who hasn’t in this driving business?

She passed tho!

With a few days to spare before Finn’s return we hit the road for my home turf. We saw cousins and my Grandma, went down a spring fed river, hit the beach, drove thru a monsoon with our hazards on and ate shrimp off the boat. Momo had an excellent time, especially because my 93 year old Grandma was willing to hand feed him Cheerios one at a time after she dunked them in almond milk like he was the King of Sheba. She is a true OG savage and informed me she had no intention of ever going to the nursing home because “you can’t bring your dog or your gun.” She also gave me some new black pants for work (right size and everything) because “all of your jeans have holes in them and just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right.” Omg! I love her.

I hope one day Coralie will remember that we floated down the river and saw air plants and endangered snails and giant fish and I tried to swim in a spring and nearly croaked because I’m a warm water mermaid. We had so much fun. We laughed so much. The water was crystal clear, fresh, spring water and at the bottle neck at the end we could hear these girls in front of us talking about this big fish underneath us. One said “I’m no expert, but I think that is a mahi mahi or a flounder”. The other one replied ” oh my god, can you make salmon out of that?” We are currently making salmon out of everything we have. I hope she remembers her childhood was fun. It’s winding down so fast and the fun usually isn’t with me anymore.

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