Dinner conversation

Setting- Coralie is translating a French cartoon into English for Finn at dinner.

Coralie “her best friend is a germ so she keeps getting sick when ever they hang out”

Finn “it’s a shame she’s a germ and not a stem cell. Then her friend would make her well”

Coralie “chances are slim they would be compatible so it probably wouldn’t matter”

Finn “they are BEST friends and there is some great research being done to alter stem cells for compatibility.”

Me “eat your spinach”

Note to self- try to be a good friend like a compatible stem cell.

In other news here is my FB post from last night and the video of LieLie dancing onstage with Jonathan❤️. I remembered the very first time I ever saw him play on stage- on drums then- scared to death in a weird mall. I was so proud of him then for being a brave little kid and bringing the jam. Now I’m just loving his pure talent. The man has SKILLS. There is something so magical about seeing your kid so happy with someone you go back so far with. Music and roots = perfect.


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