Circle of life

My flower girl, someone I used to read to sleep at night had a tiny baby last week. That makes one of my best friends a grandmother for the first time. I asked her if it felt like holding your own baby and she said “no, it feels like holding your grandchild.” You know when you get there. Baby Eli was just perfect and getting to see the whole family in Charleston over Labor Day wasn’t too shabby either.

We saw a sign for a UFO on the way there but we didn’t stop because ……. cornfields…

On the home front there was Friday night lights (photo credit to Regina Whitesides) and rapid chicken growth. It won’t be long before they can move out of the brooder and into Finn’s coop!

Cardi C has extra toes like a Hemingway Cat. Apparently that is a thing in some breeds of show chickens. She is literally the most EXTRA chicken that was ever born. She IS the state fair. Her momma said. Toto is looking an awful lot like the dearly departed Biscuit.

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