Cozy Florence

The wind is blowing, it is raining and everyone wants to be held at once because of the storm. So we are eating popcorn (everyone but the cat that is) and watching Steel Magnolias and being thankful. We are in our own home with power, plenty of food, each other and hands to hold. So many around us can’t say the same. The flood sirens keep going off and my town has lost power for the most part but my hood is totally fine. Praying big prayers for the trapped and the homeless and the traveling. Many people out there don’t know what they are going home to yet. They are stuck far from home and the roads are still closed behind them with empty pumps lining the way and that is a terrible feeling. Florence needs to get the heck out of here and we need to heed her lesson about global warming and the effect of warm water on storms.

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