Today, my Lord, was long

Teenagers are awkward. Some don’t have feathers on their neck yet. Some serenade half grown chickens in the yard….

Homecoming is tomorrow. Today was throw back Thursday. LieLie and I have very different ideas about the 90’s!

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t this tired in the 90’s.

Here are some things I heard people say today unedited and in real life, not kidding.

Student “Ms. Johnson, am I circumcised?”

Doctor “mitochondria really is the powerhouse of the cell”.

Student “do you squeeze eggs out of your chickens?”

Student “can you make an ASMR of our study guide for YouTube. Maybe you could chew a pickle and unpack a box so we could like looking at you better.”

Friend “maybe if we had all told our dad’s when we got raped in college instead of hiding it they wouldn’t be defending Kavanaugh now.”

Son “mommy can you order me this hat, I’ve already got the rest of my costume”

Daughter “how can I make my hair into a blue bob for an hour tomorrow during school?”

Sigh….2018. I yelled “you are a meme” at the bewildered doctor and pretty much ran away from everyone else.

To end on a cheerful note here is a snake watching Finn bat and LieLie’s super cute squad❤️

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